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3 Zach/Eddie ficlets

(For random_30)

Title: All Grown Up (Or So They Say)
Fandom: DC (Zach/Eddie)
Characters: Zach, Eddie, Tracy Thirteen, Greta Hayes, Anita Fite, Tim Hunter, Jaime Reyes
Prompt: 26. Future Tense
Word Count: 282
Rating: PG
Summary: Two members of the Shadowpact cause more trouble than the rest of the team combined.
Author's Notes: I've been working on some stuff with this version of the Shadowpact. Most of the events discussed here are somehow involved.

Zachary ripped a hole in the fabric of the universe by attempting to summon a kayak.

Title: A Little Bit Ridiculous
Fandom: DC (Zachary Zatara/Red Devil)
Characters: Zach, Eddie, Stephen Colbert
Prompt: 11. You Can't Do That on TV
Word Count: 421
Rating: PG
Summary: Zachary lands his dream interview.
Author's Notes: I originally planned to incorporate this into the zatara_diaries, but it works better here.

Stephen Colbert had, in his infinite wisdom, elected to have him on the show.

Title: Little Black Books
Fandom: DC (Zachary Zatara/Red Devil)
Characters: Zach, Eddie
Prompt: 13. I'm Gonna Blog About It
Word Count: 247
Rating: R
Summary: Eddie doesn't like it when Zach writes in bed.
Author's Notes: Obviously, this is set in the Zatara Diaries universe.

Zachary had a nasty habit of journaling. Specifically, journaling in bed.
Tags: ficlets, fiction, zach/eddie, zachary

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