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I should call it a fanfic DUMP, but that isn't quite true. My name is Touch of Grey, and I ship Eddie/Zat. I ship it HARD.
Most of my fanfiction can be found on under the name Touch of Grey, but I'm going to repost some of it here due to the UNBELIEVABLY INSISTANT urging from xlineartx.

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DCU Fanfic: Don't Nod

Title: Don't Nod
Fandom: DCU
Character(s): Jason Todd, Zachary Zatara, mentions the Penguin
Pairing(s): Jason/Zatara
Genre: general/drama
Rating: PG-13/T
Notes: For some reason, my brain thought these two would make an amazingly snarky pairing. I now dub brain the random pairing generator of wtf! >>;; Bunny is an idiot. Zatara deals. (Also, the title is a palindrome, a word or phrase that is spelled the same forwards and backwards. My beta thought a palindrome would be appropriate because of Zatara's abilities.) I think I've written the first ever Jason/Zatara fic. If anyone can prove me wrong, I'll gladly accept a link to said fic as proof. <3

( Who in their right mind would visit Gotham of their own volition? No one, that's who! )
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Zach/Eddie (and pretty long)

Title: Bedtime
Fandom: DC (Zachary Zatara/Red Devil)
Characters: Zach, Eddie, Greta, Tracy, Anita, Tim, mentions of Dream
Prompt: 2. Blanket Fort
Word Count: 1368
Rating: PG
Summary: Earth experiences a sudden infestation of bogeymen, and the Shadowpact must stop them from killing countless human children before they fall asleep.
Author's Note: I wrote this while sick. Sorry if it sucks.

"So explain to me why you need to use our bed,” he said.
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Zach/Eddie fic

Title: Beneath an Unfamiliar Sky
Fandom: DC (Zachary Zatara/Red Devil)
Characters: Zach, Eddie
Prompt: 12. Not What You're Looking For
Word Count: 603
Rating: PG
Summary: The boys hit a pretty big stumbling block.
Author's Note: This takes place during the New Azarath Camping Trip, and is not in continuity with most of the other stuff I've written for these guys.

“Zat,” he said one warm night as they lay side by side under the New Azarath night sky, trying to grab what little sleep they could. “Hey, you awake?”
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More with Zachary (and Eddie)

Title: Weddings Are Kind of Impractical
Fandom: DC (Zachary Zatara/Red Devil)
Characters: Zach, Eddie
Prompt: 20. And I Will Always Love You
Word Count: 289
Rating: PG
Summary: Why the boys will never get married.

Zachary, in particular, was absolutely certain that Zatanna would, given the chance, throw a wild and crazy bachelor party for him and he wanted no part of it whatsoever.

Title: Disappearing Acts
Fandom: DC (Zachary Zatara/Red Devil)
Characters: Zach, Eddie, Jaime
Prompt: 17. I Met a Man Upon the Stair
Word Count: 388
Rating: R
Summary: Eddie gets a surprise visit.

When Zachary wound a hand through his long white hair he lost all semblance of control (like he always did).
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3 Zach/Eddie ficlets

(For random_30)

Title: All Grown Up (Or So They Say)
Fandom: DC (Zach/Eddie)
Characters: Zach, Eddie, Tracy Thirteen, Greta Hayes, Anita Fite, Tim Hunter, Jaime Reyes
Prompt: 26. Future Tense
Word Count: 282
Rating: PG
Summary: Two members of the Shadowpact cause more trouble than the rest of the team combined.
Author's Notes: I've been working on some stuff with this version of the Shadowpact. Most of the events discussed here are somehow involved.

Zachary ripped a hole in the fabric of the universe by attempting to summon a kayak.

Title: A Little Bit Ridiculous
Fandom: DC (Zachary Zatara/Red Devil)
Characters: Zach, Eddie, Stephen Colbert
Prompt: 11. You Can't Do That on TV
Word Count: 421
Rating: PG
Summary: Zachary lands his dream interview.
Author's Notes: I originally planned to incorporate this into the zatara_diaries, but it works better here.

Stephen Colbert had, in his infinite wisdom, elected to have him on the show.

Title: Little Black Books
Fandom: DC (Zachary Zatara/Red Devil)
Characters: Zach, Eddie
Prompt: 13. I'm Gonna Blog About It
Word Count: 247
Rating: R
Summary: Eddie doesn't like it when Zach writes in bed.
Author's Notes: Obviously, this is set in the Zatara Diaries universe.

Zachary had a nasty habit of journaling. Specifically, journaling in bed.